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ACS Ambient series In Ear Monitor


Custom fit vented in ear monitors (IEMs) with a professional specification just got a whole lot better!

Combining a high-fidelity listening experience, soft silicone comfort and awareness of your immediate surroundings – ACS Ambient series IEMs are the only precision tuned vented IEM on the market that features a dedicated patented ambient filter.

ACS Ambient IEMs offer the specification many musicians have been dreaming of for years:

  • Reduction of the occlusion effect you get with a custom fit IEM.
  • The ability to hear your environment around you whether on stage, in the studio or even on the street.
  • Stay in communication with your fellow musicians and hear off-mic cues on stage
  • Not feel isolated or removed from your performance environment.
  • Ear canal ventilation for reducing fatigue and providing greater comfort for longer.
  • Above all – a vented IEM that maintains 100% of the high-fidelity sound quality and low frequency response.

This combined with state-of-the-art balanced armature speakers, patent-pending technology and our own proprietary crossovers ensure you are hearing the music as it was intended together with a wider sound stage to your Monitor Mix.

Evoke2 Ambient

An entry level in-ear monitor with professional specs. The Evoke2 features two wide-band balanced armature drivers to punches out the low end, which will really make you feel the music. It also features ACS exclusive Sound Stage Imaging (SSI) technology, the Evoke2 allows you to hear parts of the music you never knew existed before.

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Engage Ambient

A great value professional all-rounder. The Engage delivers deep and engaging low end, well defined mid-range and detailed highs with no harmonic distortion. Also, featuring ACS exclusive Sound Stage Imaging (SSI) technology, the Engage has a reliable flat frequency response that will suit guitarists, bassists, drummers, pianist and electronic dance musicians alike.

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Evolve Ambient

A well-balanced completely versatile in-ear monitor. The Evolve is the ultimate reference quality, high-fidelity in-ear monitor. With a well-defined low end, incredibly detailed midrange and accurate highs with no harmonic distortion, together with ACS exclusive Sound Stage Imaging (SSI) technology, the Evolve has a reliable flat frequency response. The Evolve is every musicians’ dream with pro-audio reliability and performance.

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Emotion Ambient

An in-ear monitor with great bass dynamics and full spectrum sound quality. The Emotion delivers hard-hitting bass, smooth balanced mid and high frequency response. Featuring our exclusive Sound Stage Imaging (SSI) technology, the Emotion delivers a lush, articulate and balanced sound with incredible depth and clarity. The heavy bass will be desirable for bass players, drummers, or those producing or mixing dance music and for audiophiles.

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